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Signs of Depression

This is something which most people may not need an introduction to as everyone has experienced this feeling of sadness and anxiety some time in life. However, if it goes out of control and is constant then this is not a good sign. Find out how to recognize signs of severe or chronic depression and go for treatment or help the person who is going through it.

The person becomes dull and inactive and suffers from a constant melancholia and sadness. Different types of depression have similar but more pronounced symptoms. The eating and sleeping habits become erratic and the person suffers from a lethargy and disinterest in their surroundings. Even the personal hygiene is neglected and what once gave them pleasure becomes less enjoyable now.

If you find that someone who is close to you is going through such symptoms find out how you can help them. Timely assistance can reduce the severity of the problem and bring about a change for the better in the person too. Recognizing such signs early will make the person better faster. If neglected the person could suffer with suicidal tendencies and even harm themselves because of this.  Once the damage is done it may be too late to recover and retract one’s steps so it is better to realize the gravity of the problem and get it treated as soon as possible. Ordinary depression passes off but it is the chemical imbalance and genetic problem which causes manic depression and needs more attention.

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