Depression Test

Often a person who is suffering from depression may not even recognize the signs of depression and may feel that he or she is going through a low because of inadequate sleep, lack of proper food and rest. They put their lethargy and sad feeling to these factors without ever thinking that they are going through depression. If a person is made aware of the signs of depression they would take more care of their state and approach a doctor for treatment. It is only because of lack of knowledge of the disease that many go untreated and end up hurting themselves both physically and mentally. Depression is a serious problem and everyone should be made aware of its consequences. Going to a general practitioner initially will help to diagnose the extent of the problem and the person could then go for help to a psychiatrist.

There are certain tests which can be done online or through a questionnaire to help you to realize what kind of depression you are going through. This brings about an awareness which will show person how to handle the situation. The tests will help one to even assess the physical condition of the person. However, one must remember that these tests cannot take the place of a diagnosis by a qualified psychiatrist but are only to gauge the problem initially. Loss of weight and gaining weight can both be because of depression and if the daily routine of the person is recorded it will give a clue to the reason for this. Signs of depression can be there for various reasons and finding out the cause is absolutely necessary.

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