Depression Treatment

Depression is regarded as a mental state where the patient feels inadequate and is usually withdrawn from many day to day activities. People suffering from depression often experience mood swings and most of the times have pessimistic view about everything. They feel despair, sadness and commonly suffer from very low level of self esteem.

There are basically two popular methods of treating depression:

  • Psychotherapy:  When a person is suffering from depression is treated psychologically, it aides the patient in numerous ways. Under psychotherapy patients are offered counseling which in most cases helps patient in understanding the root of their depression. In cognitive therapy the patient’s depressed feelings and emotions are worked on and give them a clear idea about positives. In many cases cognitive therapy has been useful in clearing the patient’s priorities and setting up right views about things around him/her. Just counseling may provide temporary solutions but if combined with more powerful methods to completely alter the lifestyle of the patient, the results are positive and long term.
  • Medication: Except for patients who are under extreme depression or bipolar depression, medication is commonly recommended. Anti depressants do not in actual cure the depression but only help the patient control specific symptoms and feel better. Antidepressants just aide the patient to remove certain weakness such as insomnia, imbalanced diet, concentration problems etc which may be hurdle in making any significant life style changes. Unless these lifestyle changes are done, the depression continues and antidepressants are the patient’s companions to support them in such changes by preventing interfering weaknesses.

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